• Tune-Ups

  • A Tune Up is Necessary to Avoid Costly Repairs

    In order to keep your vehicle in good running condition, basic automotive engine tune up and maintenance are necessary. By maintaining your car or truck you can prevent additional damage that can lead to costly part replacement and repairs. A tune-up should be performed every 25,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. Obviously, if you have drivability issues that require immediate attention, you should get your vehicle in for repair right away.

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    Unfortunately, too many people think that today’s modern technology means it’s not necessary to schedule auto service check-ups. While it’s certainly true that some of today’s contemporary electronic fuel injection and engine controls make it easier for cars to self-adjust when necessary, there are still so many other components of the engine that need a tune up in order to ensure the engine functions properly.

    How to Know Whether Your Car Needs a Tune Up

    While you should always follow your specific vehicle’s tune-up recommendations, you may need a tune-up sooner if you see these signs:

    • Difficult to start the car
    • Idles rough
    • Stalls frequently

    Regular Tune Ups

    You may think that the tune up cost is too much, but did you know that having regular tune ups can help you avoid costly auto repair fees. Here are a few things you should consider when thinking about your auto tune up.

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    Air Filter Replacement

    The air filter’s function is to keep particles and dirt out of the auto’s engine chamber. Engines need to compress air in order to run, and air is brought into the car through an air chamber and the air filter’s membrane filters the air. A car tune up will include replacing the air filter so that your engine is getting the most from the air intake.

    Replacing the Fuel Filter

    One of the most important things that will be diagnosed during a tune up is the car’s fuel filter. This is an important device that will filter out the particles and dirt from the fuel for a clean burn. When you have a tune up, the fuel filter is cleaned or replaced entirely, depending on the overall condition of the filter.

    Wires and Spark Plugs

    These two components are extremely important in order for the fuel combustion mechanism to work. Spark plugs can be worn down over time and can lead to a delay in the turnover of your engine, or possibly allow the engine to misfire or stall.

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    The spark plug wires will also be inspected and replaced if they are found to not be functioning properly.

    Fluids and Oil


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    A vehicle’s engine uses a number of different fluids in order to run properly. These fluids include brake fluid, power-steering fluid and transmission fluid. A tune up ensures that all fluids, including your windshield wiper fluid, is checked and refilled.

    Every vehicle’s manufacturer recommends tune ups and auto service at certain intervals listed in your car’s owner manual. Consult with an experienced auto repair service for more information regarding your specific vehicle’s needs.