• Check Engine Light

  • check engine lightOne of the most annoying problems for car owners is the check engine light. It comes on without warning and doesn’t indicate exactly what’s wrong. If this happens to you in the Plano, Texas area, it’s time to give as a visit at Mastertech Auto Care.

    We’ll carry out an engine diagnostic test on your car and troubleshoot the problem. Our auto service professionals are well equipped to fix the underlying problem causing the check engine light to go on.

    Blinking VS Steady Check Engine Light

    The check engine light usually blinks or remains constant when it goes on. This depends on how serious the problem is. A steady light indicates a problem that is not an emergency. However, you should still bring your car to Matertech Auto Care to run a diagnostic test and fix the problem before it escalates. On the other hand, a blinking light means that the problem is severe and you should bring the car in immediately.

    Common Reasons For Check Engine Light and How We Address Them

    1. Faulty Oxygen Sensor
      Cars normally have two to four sensors. The code we get from the scanner allows us to identify the faulty oxygen sensor and replace it. If it’s not replaced, it could lead to a busted catalytic convertor which is more expensive to fix.
    2. Damaged or loose gas cap
      A loose or cracked gas cap allows fuel to evaporate which leads to an increase in emissions and reduced gas mileage. A loose cap only needs to be tightened while a damaged one is replaced with a new one.
    3. Problems with the spark plug
      Spark plugs require replacing after every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. If they fail, get them replaced immediately. When this problem is not fixed, it eventually causes the catalytic converter to fail.
    4. Problems with the catalytic converter
      When the catalytic converter is not working properly, it leads to a decrease in gas mileage and also hinders the car from going faster when you push the gas. If you keep up with regular maintenance, the catalytic convertor shouldn’t fail. However, if it fails completely, we’ll replace it with a new one.
    5. Failing mass airflow sensor (MAF)
      A faulty mass airflow sensor increases emissions, decreases gas mileage and causes the car to stall. We’ll replace it with a new one and install it properly. Always have the air filter replaced at least once every year to prevent the MAF sensor from failing.

    Other causes of the check engine light include a leak in the engine vacuum, excessive release of air pollutants, bad ignition coil and a problem with the EGR valve.

    What You Should Do Before Coming To Us

    Once the check engine light goes on, the first thing you should is look out for problems that require immediate attention. Check the lights and dashboard gauges for indications of overheating or low oil pressure. If these conditions are present, find a safe place, pull over and shut off the engine. If you’re in Plano, Texas, call us and we’ll assist you.

    If the conditions mentioned above are not present, the next thing you should check is the gas cap. A loose or damaged gas cap is a common cause of the check engine light. Tighten it or buy a new one if the one you have is damaged.

    If you notice loss of power in your vehicle and the check engine light is on, you should reduce the load and speed of your car. For instance, stop towing a trailer if you have one connected to your car.

    Remember to bring your car in so that we can read the code and find the culprit causing the check engine light to go on.