• The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cars to Maintain

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    In general, the most expensive cars to buy are also the most expensive ones to maintain. If the vehicle you’re looking at is marketed as luxury, you can usually bet it’s going to cost you a pretty penny anytime something needs to be fixed. If you’re in the market for a new car, be sure to factor average annual maintenance costs into your decision-making process. Here’s a look at the cheapest and most expensive cars to maintain to help you decide. 

    The Cheapest Cars to Maintain 


    1. KIA Optima
      You’re not going to find a car that’s much cheaper to maintain than the KIA Optima. This brand has come a long way over the last 10 years. Maintenance for an Optima comes in at about $640 per year 
    1. Scion XB
      Some might be put off by Scion’s box-shaped exterior. However, this vehicle seems to be quite popular among young adults. Yearly maintenance costs for a Scion will only run you about $630. 
    1. Toyota Yaris
      The Yaris is a compact car with a lot going for it. It’s a good-looking vehicle that handles well and has super fuel economy. Even better, annual maintenance will only cost you about $610. 
    1. Nissan Versa
      Unfortunately, the only things Versa can boast about are its low price and abundant trunk space. That being said, maintaining a Versa will only cost about $590 a year. 
    1. Toyota Corolla
      The Corolla may have lost a little of its popularity of the years, but it’s still a great little car. Corolla offers reliability and a spacious interior, along with the low annual maintenance cost of only $580 per year. 
    1. Toyota Tacoma
      Most folks know that Toyota Tacoma is an exceptional truck that holds its value. You might expect maintenance costs to be high since it’s a truck, but surprisingly, maintenance will only cost you about $580 per year for a Tacoma. 
    1. Honda Fit
      This sharp looking little car is also very user-friendly with seats that fold down to give you lots of cargo space and flexibility. Yearly maintenance comes in at the super low cost of only $550 per year. 
    1. Kia Soul
      The Kia Soul is another boxy little car, but this one’s loaded with user-friendly features and an innovative interior. It’s a great car with a low annual maintenance cost of $470 each year. 

    The Most Expensive Cars to Maintain 


    1. Acura TL
      Leading of the most expensive to maintain list is the Acura TL. Acura’s are made by Honda and marketed as a luxury car. Owners of the Acura TL can expect to spend upward of $1,000 per year on maintenance alone. 
    1. Subaru Forrester
      The Subaru Forrester has remained incredibly popular over the years, despite the fact that it can cost a pretty penny to maintain it. 
    1. Mazda 6
      There’s no question that the Mazda 6 is a gorgeous car that’s fun to drive with its 2.5-liter turbo engine. If you’re looking for a car that feels luxury without the luxury price tag, this is the one you want. Unfortunately, you’ll need to budget about $1,270 every year for maintaining your Mazda 6. 
    1. Dodge Ram 1500-3500
      If you’re trying to choose between the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150, the two trucks are very comparable in the areas of safety, handling, and price. While Ram provides the smoother ride, you might also want to factor in its higher maintenance cost. Annual maintenance on the Ram 3500 will run you about $1,244 each year. 
    1. Dodge Grand Caravan
      Turns out Dodges are more expensive to maintain almost across the board. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t done much to update their lineup in years. Consider the Grand Caravan, for example. Its last update was way back in 2007. Average yearly maintenance cost for a Caravan is $1,450. 
    1. Chevrolet Cobalt
      The Cobalt SS was a great car, but not so much for the original model Cobalt. Not only does it receive poor ratings in the safety department, but it’s also had millions of recalls over the years. To make matters worse, maintaining a Cobalt will cost you about $1,540 every year. 
    1. Mercedes-Benz E350
      Mercedes certainly tops the list of luxury vehicles with superb fuel economy and top performance. Unfortunately, the brand tops the board at being one of the most expensive to maintain, with the E350 averaging at about $1,470 for yearly maintenance. 
    1. Nissan Murano
      Nissan Murano may be considered an SUV, but it offers one of the most comfortable rides on the road. It’s got a sharp looking exterior, too. Just be sure to set aside about $1,470 for annual maintenance. 

    With so many cars to choose from nowadays, factoring in the cost of annual maintenance just might help you decide which are is right for you. Of course, you will also want to consider overall price, reliability, safety, and handling as well.