• Brake Repair & Service

  • Brake failure is something no one wants to experience. For over 15 years, MasterTech Auto Care has been a name you can trust in brake repair and brake maintenance in the Plano area. Our ASE certified technicians can quickly diagnose all brake system problems and recommend repairs suited to your budget and needs for the vehicle. Stop in today, and we will assess your brakes and give you a quote. It’s that easy.

    MasterTech Brake Service

    If you think you need work done on your vehicle’s brakes, drop by, and we will diagnose your problem. After visually inspecting and test driving your vehicle we will give you an estimate for the cost of repair. If the brakes have not been driven too long with worn pads and the fluid levels have been regularly maintained, brake repair can be very affordable and take only an hour or so to complete. If the brake system has been largely neglected, damage to several components may have occurred, making the repair more expensive and time-consuming.

    Brake Pad Replacement: The Most Common Brake Repair

    Brake pads are designed to wear out. This way, you can periodically change the pad without replacing the entire system. When a pad becomes worn, you will notice excessive noise when braking and more play in the brake pedal. If you are experiencing either of these two symptoms, we highly recommend you come in today so we can see if you need new brake pads. Why the rush? Once the brake pad becomes overly worn, your rotor could become damaged. Repairing the rotor is much more expensive than simply swapping out the pads and can easily be avoided by changing the pads as soon as they are worn.

    Calipers: Repair or Replace

    Not very long ago it was common to rebuild and repair calipers. Today, the cost of new calipers has decreased to the point where replacing the caliper is a far more economical option than the labor costs associated with a rebuild. It the caliper has become bent or warped it most likely will need to be replaced regardless of rebuild costs.

    brake repair of caliper

    Many customers prefer that all pads and calipers be replaced at the same time. In this way, they are assured that the braking system is completely serviced. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but we prefer to let you know what needs to be replaced based on the continued safe operation of the vehicle and let you choose an option based on that information.

    Preventative Maintenance for Brake Systems

    Like any other vehicle system, your brakes require regular preventative maintenance to prevent costly repairs in the future. If you visit us the first time your brakes squeak, we can often save you over half the cost of a brake repair by changing the pads before rotor or caliper damage has occurred. There is no risk to you. If your pads do not need replacement, we will tell you and give you an estimate for when they will. For a limited time, we are offering $30 off all brake repairs. So, there is no better time to get your brakes fixed than today.

    Get Your Brake Fluid Checked at your Next MasterTech Oil Change

    MasterTech offers a full-service oil change for only $29.95. Stop in for an oil and filter change, and we will check your fluids and let you know if we see anything under the hood to be worried about, including low brake fluid levels. Call today for an appointment or just drop by the next time it’s convenient.

    Plano Brakes

    It is not surprising that brake repair and brake services are very important to all our customers. After all, when driving around on our increasingly busy roads around Plano and DFW, there is a lot of hard braking and the occasional emergency stop needed to stay safe.

    A well maintained braking system is essential to keep you and your family safe, and we will be glad to check the brakes on any vehicle in the shop. We aim to be the best brake repair shop in Plano Tx.

    Brake services and components fixed include discs, rotors, pads, drums, brake lines, brake calipers, brake lines, ABS, handbrake, emergency brake, brake booster, brake switch and lights.

    Brake Repair FAQs

    We probably get more questions about braking systems than any other part of a car, and try to answer some of the more common questions here:

    How much does brake repair cost?
    And how much does it cost to change brake pads or brake shoes? The cost of fixing a brake problem varies widely, usually a visual inspection is needed to assess the work needed. One of the things that customers like about our shop is that we do not automatically change brake pads if there is plenty of life left on them – if brake pads are only 30% worn, we’ll let you know so you can decide when to replace them.

    How long do brake repairs take?
    Again, it depends on the service needed, for a popular vehicle where the parts are in stock, a brake job can take as little as an hour, but obviously ordering parts from our supplier takes longer.

    Do you do brake caliper repair?
    Many of the issues with worn or sticking brake pads are due to calipers. These are the moving parts at the wheel which transfer the brake fluid pressure to the brake pad or shoe. If a brake caliper is grabbing, frozen or stuck, then the brake pad may stay stick permanently pressing onto the rotor – this may lead to brakes overheating and smoke coming from the wheel. Immediate brake service is needed as the brakes may fail. A leaking or stuck brake caliper can be repaired or rebuilt, but often it is cheaper to replace the unit.

    How much does a brake line repair cost?
    The cost of replacing a broken or damaged brake line depends on how easy it is to get at – the line is usually not expensive, and it is just a matter of replacing the line with a new one, and then bleeding the brakes to remove air out of the system.

    How much would it cost to replace brakes and rotors?
    Replacing rotors is not always needed. If brake pads are replaced before too much damage is done to a rotor, then the surface of the rotor can be skimmed or machined, however if the rotor is too thin, the they must be replaced.

    What can cause spongy brakes?
    Spongy brakes are caused by air being in the system, and in the worst case the brake pedal can go to the floor. Air in a brake line must be compressed before the brake fluid is pressed to the cylinders. Bleeding the brakes removes air from the system to firm up the pedal.

    Can you fix squeaky brakes?
    If a rotor is bent or twisted, then applying the brakes will be uneven, and can cause a squeak or shudder. A squeaky brake can squeal when the pad is applied to a rotor. There is an anti-squeal shim, which may be missing from the pad, or the rotor may be distorted and not running true, we can diagnose at the shop.

    For a brake check-up or service call us at (972) 578-1841 today.