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  • Seven Questions You Should Ask Your Repair Shop

    Hi, my name is Bill Mertz, owner of MasterTech Auto repair serving Plano, Allen, Richardson and McKinney, Texas. Over the years I have been surprised and frankly ashamed of some of the dirty tricks that go on in our industry. Many of these tricks can be avoided by an educated shopper. So whether you use our service or not, here are 7 questions to ask any auto repair shop before you let them service your vehicle.

    1.    Do they use quality replacement parts? Some shops will charge you for quality parts, but actually, use inferior ones.
    2.    Do they advertise heavily? Frequent advertising may mean that the shop is not keeping the existing customer base happy and is always looking for new business.
    3.    How much of their business is repeat customers? A good shop will be getting over 60% repeat customers, simply put if you are happy with the work on your vehicle, you will probably return next time.
    4.    Do they spend the time to explain the exact problem and offer you alternatives? If brake shoes are 70% worn, we will ask you if you would like to replace them now or if you would like us to check them again after 5000 miles.
    5.    Do they offer amazingly cheap special offers? Often a low price is a teaser to get you into the shop, and then more expensive repairs are suddenly found.
    6.    Do they fix most vehicles the first time? You don't want the inconvenience of another visit. Look for a 90% success rate, and check that the mechanic’s work is verified by the service manager.                                                                                                                                                                          7.    Do they offer a no questions, no quibble 100% satisfaction guarantee? You do not want to pay for work that is unsatisfactory or spend time arguing about the work they did or did not do.

  • After repairing and servicing all types of vehicles over the last 15 years, we have seen and fixed just about every automotive problem you can imagine.

    As an independent shop, we do not charge dealer rates and can pass the savings on to you, our customer. 

    Over 73 percent of our business is due to referrals and long-standing customers - that says something (we hope good)

    We look forward to seeing you soon,

    Bill Mertz (owner)


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